Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Questions with Christopher Vasey, author of The Detox Mono Diet


What inspired you to put this book together?

My motivation was to explain the importance of detoxifying the body in order to regain a good health. An accumulation of toxins is indeed considered in natural medicine as the primary cause of illnesses. Nowadays this overflow of toxins is very common because many people overeat and under exercise. However, overeating doesn’t lead to overweight only but can also – with or without overweight – lead to an intoxication of the body and illness.
Which section of the book did you find easiest and most natural to write?
It was the practical guide to the cure which shows step by step how to proceed: how to prepare for a cure, how to follow the cure itself and how to come out of it. Following a detox cure is not difficult, but a few important points must be respected in order for the cure to be the most effective.
Did the final product come out as you envisioned it when you first started?

Yes, it did. And the layout made by the publisher enhances the important points and makes it easy to read and to understand.

What is the best compliment you have received on the book?
The best compliment is when readers write to tell me that they cured themselves by following the instructions given.

What are some new and upcoming things we can expect from you?
My upcoming book is “The Healing Power of Fever” which will be published in January 2012. It explains that fever is not a hindrance but a help to heal. It tells what to do during fever and shows the practical means to support and control the healing processes which are taking place.

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