Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Questions with Lori Dennis, author of Green Interior Design


What is the book all about?

The design, decoration and maintenance of environmentally and socially responsible, healthy interiors and gardens.

What inspired this book?

I speak about green design throughout the country and was always being asked, "isn't there a book where I can get this information?" I decided to write it.

Which green interior design item impresses you most?

Vintage or antiques furnishings. I like items that come with their own story and history.

Has the market for green interior design increased quite a bit over the past few years? Now prices that prices are closer to conventional products, who wouldn't chose an eco friendly item that is also good for your health? The market is exploding and becoming standard.

Which image in the book is your favorite?

I love the suzanni fabric on this old bench and the snowy mountains in the distance.


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