Sunday, July 17, 2011

Q&A with Phil Vickery, author of Gluten Free Baking


What was the most interesting part of about putting together this book?

The research and development of all the ideas and recipes. Also looking for new ingredients to add to our repertoire, we never stand still is this department.

Which section of the book was most enjoyable to write?

Don’t really have one, all were challenging in allsorts of ways. I like it when after cooking upwards of say 10 times, they finally work.

What was the most challenging part about creating this book?

Getting ideas and the framework in place. Then working on all the ingredients, mixing and testing, its takes many weeks or even months.

What has been the feedback thus far on the book?

Very good indeed, I think it’s now in 8 or 9 countries, and selling really well.

What’s next for you?

Ah ha, I’m writing a family friendly Coeliac book to published later in the year, spanning baby and toddler food family food and even when the kids leave home for the first time, probably be 100 or so recipes, so its keeping me busy.

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