Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 Questions with the author of A**holeology



What's the difference between an a-hole and a douchebag?
Douchebags are destructive. They don't think twice about their actions. He thinks of only one person in all situations; himself. Douche bags will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. An asshole is assertive and aggressive but not malicious. 

Which a-hole do you most admire?
Myself. It's the asshole thing to do. But if I had to pick another a-hole I'd go with Denis Leary. 

What are some of the best attributes of an a-hole?
An asshole never takes no for an answer. He keeps going until he gets his way. Also, an asshole is always in control of the situation. 

What's to an a-hole having longevity in doing what he or she does?
Success. As long as it keeps working the asshole will keep pushing forward. Also, few people will take an asshole to task. Unless they too are an asshole. Then it's war. 

What are the biggest benefits and drawbacks of being an a-hole?
The benefit is a life getting exactly what you want and never having to live with regret. A drawback is that the asshole is often misunderstood.

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