Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Questions with Don Easton, author of Samurai Code


What was the inspiration behind writing this book?

My inspiration for Samurai Code came from a sympathy I have felt for some people who are basically 'unseen' by society. During my 20 years of undercover I met a couple of people who were like the actual characters in the novel (Ophehlia/Melvin). Basically these people need a lot of help but are considered like 'Nobodies' and their disappearance is not missed. In one situation I encountered a criminal organisation who intended to have new members to the organisation murder these type of people as a test of loyalty.

What's been the response so far to it?

The response has been good and I believe the sales are brisk.

When you write do you have a plan on how the story will unfold, or does a lot of it come to you as you go through the process of writing the book?

When I actually write, I prepare a synopsis of the entire story and then write from there. Some times it changes a little to match certain characters who do not like to follow a synopsis (smiles).

What aspect of Japanese culture do you feel is brought out the most in the book?

The Japanese culture is limited in the novel, with the exception of their love for onsens and also a tendency to be very loyal to their bosses.

What's next for yourself?

My next project is to start novel number six. At this time I am still decided on which story to tell.

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