Monday, December 13, 2010

5 Questions with Dr Kevin Leman, author of "Have a New You by Friday"


1. What's the main message of the book?

It doesn’t take forever to change, stuck people can get un-stuck

2. What's a good start to changing your life in 5 days? Something you can do right now?

Pinpoint one area of your life you want to change. Don’t be overwhelmed by many things you think you need to change, start with one.

3. What's a big lie that people tell themselves which undermines their confidence?

That other people are more successful than they are.

4. Why is accepting the truth about yourself key?

If you don’t tell yourself truth, you’ll never have any degree of happiness. All of us have positive and negative parts to who we are. Accepting the bad with the good is important.

5. What's the best reason why people should get the book?

The best reason is that you really can become the person you want to be in a very short time.



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