Monday, December 6, 2010

5 Questions with Gay Hendricks, author of Five Wishes


What's the best piece of advice from this book?

The best piece of advice from Five Wishes is to ask yourself the big question
that's detailed in the book. Briefly summarized, the question takes you in your
imagination to the end of your life looking back. If your life was a success, what
is the ONE BIG THING that made it so? By asking the question over and over, I
compiled my Five Wishes for my life. If you know what your biggest wishes are,
you can go about making them come true. The book shows you how.

You have a chapter "savoring life", is this a lost skill for many?

"Savoring" is indeed a lost art, and one that can be revived easily with the right intention. I once rushed through life so much that I missed a lot of the good stuff. Be sure to read the story in Five Wishes of my daughter's Halloween costume. When I made my Five Wishes, one of them was to savor life. The 'minestrone story' in the book is a good example; since the book was published I've had people wherever I go to speak come up to me and talk to me about minestrone! Apparently a lot of people are catching on to the power of 'savoring.'

How do you define success?

I define success as 'having everything you most deeply want, and savoring everything that you have.' I've met lots of people who had immense material wealth but didn't enjoy a minute of it. Indeed, I've counseled multimillionaire couples who fought over the cost of peanut butter and toilet paper. Use Five Wishes to create both kinds of wealth: having everything you want and enjoying everything you have.

What has the response to the book been like?

Five Wishes has gotten the biggest response from readers of any book of mind since Conscious Loving. I get email almost every day with stories from people who have used the tools and techniques to make big changes in their lives. It's very satisfying from an author's perspective. There's hardly anything better than hearing from people you've helped to create more love and abundance in their lives.

What's next for you

One big project I'm working on this year is a trilogy of mystery novels featuring a character I've created named Tenzing Norbu (nickname 'Ten'.) He's L.A.'s first and only Tibetan Buddhist private detective.I've finished two of the novels and am plotting out the third.  Be on the lookout for those about a year from now. I'm also working on a new relationship project with my wife, Kathlyn. She and I have co-authored ten books together over the thirty years we've been together. We just launched the first phase of the project, a new online course called The Relationship Catalyst. Learn more at

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