Monday, December 13, 2010

5 Questions with Norman Phillips, author of Professional Posing Techniques


What makes a good pose?
A pose that flatters the subject, has leading lines, does not forshorten
limbs and if legs are included they are posed so as to create a tapered from
the top to the feet and when hands are included they are shown running
across the camera, not angled directly at the casmera and works with the
lighting plan.

What's a tip you'd give a newcomer to the modelling word in terms of
Unless the photographer directs you to face on to camera, always present
yourself at an angle to the camera.  Relax.  Don't force a pose that may
make you look uncomfortable.  Place hands so that they are presented without
either the back or palm of the hand to the camera.  Cross your ankles to
create a tapered line from hips to feet.  Enjoy what you are doing.  Dn't
make it look like a chore.

What's the best way to think of a camera to develop the best relationship
with it for posing?

Ignore the camera and focus on the photographer and his/her directions.
Project yourself in a way to express yourself and elicit excitement.  Don't
look disinterested, interact with the photographer, it makes the images look

Which model out there right now strikes you as being the most camera
 friendly model?

 This is a tough one.Locally, the best model I worked with is Jennifer
Williams, she is delightful to work with and responsive to directions and
smiles at every prompting. But Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hawkins and Jennifer
Lopez are truly camera friendly.


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