Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Questions with Garry Fabian Miller, author of The Colour of Time

1) How did this book come about?
Over tea with Marina Warner, to discuss writing an essay to accompany recent
work. She mentioned a recent visit by the publisher Black Dog and thought
they might be interested in such a project.

2) Why did you decide to produce a book now?
It had been five years since my monograph Illumine, during which time my
work had evolved in many different directions. A series of exhibitions were
forthcoming, and it seemed the right time to review this period.

3) Which image was most special to yourself?
The Year Two picture Cobolt 3, September 2007. This brought the moment in
which I brought two different light generated colours together. In this case
dark blue and orange. As they touched a hovering third colour, pink,

4) What was the most interesting part of this project for you?
Establishing relationships with the three writers, Nigel Warburton, Marina
Warner and Adam Nicolson, who contributed essays to the book. I had long
admired their writing and our dialogue helped me to understand my work in
new ways.

5) What's next for yourself?
The new book, The Colour of Time, coincides with exhibitions at the Victoria
and Albert Museum and my London gallery Hackelbury Fine Art, and also shows
in New York at Danziger Projects and the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh. These
look back across thirty years, and I hope may suggest new ways forward.

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