Sunday, November 14, 2010

Q&A with Donna Sturgess, author of Eyeballs Out

 What's the book about for those who don't know?
Eyeballs Out is about the power of immersive experiences to generate novel ideas for business growth.  In an immersion both the body and mind work together to stimulate conductive thinking--something business has not been tapping before.  From a personal perspective, immersions are  also a powerful way to drive individual growth. In the back section of the book I give examples of immersions teams or individuals can go on. 

What's the most interesting chapter for yourself?

The most interesting chapter for me is the first one, Thrill.  This chapter has struck a chord with many readers and I am receiving a good bit of email asking me to do more writing on the subject. So I am encouraged by the thoughtful commentaries I am getting to the subject of thrill, something people are looking for more of in their professional and personal lives.

How has it been received?

In addition to the feedback from business leaders  I was delighted that has posted a story on the book and is adding it to their leadership book list. has also taken an interest in the book.  

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