Saturday, November 6, 2010

Q&A with Kevin Williams, editor of "The Amish Cook's Anniversary Book "

For those who don't know, what's your book about?
The Amish Cook's Anniversary Book celebrates 20 years of Amish Cook columns. The Amish Cook column is a syndicated feature appearing in over 100 newspapers in the States. For people unfamiliar with the column, this book offers a great primer and a perfect gateway to "catching up" quickly on the past two decades.

What's your favorite recipe in the book?
The pumpkin roll on page 268 is really amazing! Delicious!

What's a perfect Amish breakfast for yourself?
Eggs, fresh bacon, homemade sausage gravy, homemade biscuits, toast, cheese, cookies, and coffee soup.

Which dessert is the most popular amongst the Amish community?

Homemade ice cream, page 231 is probably a favorite.....surprisingly it is often made in winter, it's not a summer treat...Amish have access to plenty of ice in the winter, not so much in the summer (without having electricity, there are no freezers for ice).

Which soup recipe would you recommend most?
The zucchini soup on page 57 is amazingly flavorful and filling, so that is a great choice!

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